अक्षरा सिंह ने नई ईयर में अपने दर्शको को बुलाया, डार्लिंग तू टाइम पे आ जाना

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29 Dec,Janakpur
Akshara Singh, the hot actor of Bhojpuri films, has taken time out of his films and has brought a new year party song for the Bhojpuri spectator from 2019.

Only then Akhara Singh’s songs are waiting for Bhojpuria audience and he likes songs very much in this episode Akshara Singh The video song “Darling thou time come on” has been released on the new folk song “Darling Thou Time Come Up”, the song of the song wave music Elle has been released on the YouTube channel, Darling has written lyrics on the album of Time coming to Manoj Matlabi and songs are decorated with melodic music.