अब इंटरनेट से खेती करते हैं किसान

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Rauthatt. In a ruthless manner, the farmer has cultivated fruits and vegetables commercially from the mobile internet.

Kishore Rameshwar Pandit Kautarar of Sonaria has started commercially mawa and harsh farming last year last year. The first year started with all the information started through the Internet through the Internet has begun earning unnecessary income from dry fruits and farming. Pandit doubled this time twice by giving Rs 25 rupees per annum symbol He said that the cultivation of advanced cultivated grains and two varieties of wheat flourished.

According to Kishore Pandit, the two farmers had started farming at Karioli and 10 Kali area last year, searching for the mobile internet, last year, and started farming.

According to Pandit, sales of about 25 kg of rice per kilogram of rice flour were sold at about 25 kitchens in the Kathmandu Valley in the last 7 months. Similarly, Pandit said sales worth Rs. 2 kg last year last year. In early September, the merchants of Kathmandu bought only two kilos of kilos.

He said that one person had been kept in Kathmandu and returned to the present 12 hundred rupees when applying for sale in the Kathmandu Valley. “According to Pandit, it has been easy to earn Rs 1.5 million till now, to earn two billion rupees of wheat and two kilograms of coconut,” said Pandit. Due to the time of time, there was a big risk, but a shop guaranteed a bit of security He is not saying.

Although the rugged farming on the hill was the risk of soil soil, Kishore Rameshwar Pandit got the experience of strong soil of the Terai farming, where he cultivated farming. He said that a plant of meava should be for two years and one kilometer of one cubic seed is 30 kilograms of wheat. .

Similarly, the nutritious diet for the human body and the herbs considered as herbs are called irradias in Sanskrit and sparagas in English .The herbs that are planted during the year, and herb extracting two roots, are known as the memory of the local language. Due to excessive protein in Satiuri, it is used as a dermatologist for women and animals.

Once the chillo chopped 10.12 days remained safe and the fruit of the advanced species, it was safe for 30 days. Kishan Rameshwar Pandit, two of his sons, have been picked up daily, and daily four people have also been employed in the annual vegetable and dry fruits. Kishan Pandit has complained that there was no help from the government level and local bodies till now for the first time in the district, for the first time biotech and green farming started.