आखिर क्यो नहि मलेशिया हमारे नेपाली Worker के लिये अभितक open हुवा?

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Six months after the worker stopped, there was a new labor agreement in Nepal between Nepal and Malaysia on October.

Announces removal of unnecessary financial burden that the employer had to face.

Why is it open for Malaysia for two months?

No answers to anyone. Malaysia has taken charge of sending labor service to the labor agreement, arrival of air ticket, visa, shulkak health test, security check expenses, from the employer.
It is mentioned that the employer will give 50 percent of the monthly salary of Nepali manpower to the employee after receiving service. This is the news in Kantipur daily today.

The terms mentioned in the Labor Minister Gokarna Vishta agreement are in the position of opening up Malaysia’s employment only.
Steps to stop betrayal There is no need for any kind of unnecessary level for workers’ work, says Minister Bista.