कल्लू के बारात का धूमधाम से स्वागत

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29 Dec,Janakpur ,

The heartbeat of young hearts and rock star Arvind Ekalah Kallu’s unrivaled singing is seen by the passion of musical musicians. In today’s trick, they are ruling in the millions of hearts. Kallu’s songs are being liked very well on the digital platform YouTube. Whenever the audio and video of any of his songs is released on YouTube, he is well-liked. Their official YouTube channel Kallu officially is being liked by Kallu’s Banda these days. Whose songwriter and composer Shyam Dehati is. Music Aranger is Shishir Pandey. The idea is Aurobind Mishra, Sahay Guddu Pandey, Hanuman Pandey, Sujit Media Ara. This song is becoming very popular among music lovers. Before this Arvind singer Kallu’s rendition of the song sung for Kallu Khatir Laiki was discovered. That song has also been seen and heard in very heavy numbers.