दबंग सरकार का वर्ल्ड टीवी प्रीमियर बिग गंगा पर

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Superstar Khasar Lalal Yadav, Aswant Awasthi and Deepika Tripathi’s ‘Dabung Government’, was banged at the Bhojpuria box office, but now the world premiere of the ‘Dabang government’ will be done on January 12 at Big Ganga Channel. The film was directed by Yogesh Raj Mishra and its story was written by Manoj Pandey. The scandal of Yogesh Mishra’s ‘dumbling government’ is made on the scandal, not less than any Bollywood film.

Deepak Kumar and Rahul Vohra, the producer of Dabung Government. In the film, Khasiralal Yadav’s Apostit lead role is seen in the new Kamar Aspiration Awasthi, while Kajal will appear in two songs as guest attorney in Raghuvani. Co-producer of the film is Dinesh Tiwari and promoter Sanjay Bhushan Patiala and Anand Krishna. Apart from Khesar Lalal Yadav, Aswant Awasthi and Deepika Tripathi in the film, Sanjay Pandey, Aby Chaturveda, Vinayat, CP. Bhatt, Anupar Arora, Jayashankar Pandey, Subhash Yadav, Anoop Arora, Vinay Tiwari, Krishna Kumar, Ajay Singh, Pradeep Kumar, Ayeshi Tiwari, Sandeep Yadav will be seen. The author Manoj Pandey is the composer Dhanjay Mishra. The choreographer of the film is Kanu Mukherjee and Arun Raj and DOP Amitabh Chandra and Ravindra Nath guru.