दोहा कत्तारबाट साँसद अरगरियाले भने, ‘डा. सिके राउत र राममनोहरसँग न्याय हुन्छ’

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dec 22
Doha Qatar, Uma Shankar Aragariya, the Parliament of Federal Nepal Rama said that Ram Manohar Yadav, who was killed in police custody, will be judged.

Dhanunha region, which has been killed to understand the problems of Nepalese workers. The government, showing that Argharia, including the patriarchal member from 2, was increasing to increase human rights violations in Madesh, the government was watching and expressed his commitment to defeat it.

Talking about the interaction work of Madhesi Nepali youth, who was leading the main leader of the Federal Samajwadi Forum Nepal, Arghariya, who had kept the problem of Madhes, kept up the problem. On Dec. 21, Madhesi youth worked in interaction with Madhes problem in Doha’s Asian Town.

In the interaction program, Madhesi youths had been murdered in police custody of Madhesi Engineer Ram Manohar Yadav, and after 4 months now, the government had expressed sad sadness that the government did not investigate the dead body of his dead family. In addition, they kept the complaint with Arargia, who did not declare the martyr and did not even give compensation to the family.

Dr. Madhesi Awas had complained with Sansand Umashankar Argharia, who had ck routed and his workers running jail for no reason and demanding millions of rupees in the name of the donor. There were many honorable rights in Madhes in the case of Hanuman’s incident.

Speaking on the questions and queries of the participants of the interaction program, the Parliament said that we are working for all the Madhesi and Nepalese welfare, and express the sadness of such honorable rights. Nepalese Madheshi has been arranged in Nepal’s constitution to keep its views in democracy and to open a dedicated organization in Nepal’s constitution.

He said that while trying to understand formal informal meetings and problems with various organizations, since the arrival of Qatar, most of the victims said Madhesi community was seen. Even in Nepal, Madhya Pradesh, the most victims of Madhya Pradesh, were the victims of the most victims.

He said that there will be direct participation in the Madhesi origin youth of various programs that will bring Madhes government to justice with the neglected Madhesi community from the government. On 2, Police also expressed their commitment to recruit the Madheshi police officer.

Chandrabir Kumar Yadav operated for the program, while inaugurating the program, expressing tribute to the righteous and silent holdings was also included.

In this interaction program, the boys presented their thoughts on various issues of Madhes. All members present were related related issues related to Madhes and in the end, Sansand Umashankar Argharia kept their thoughts and answered the questions raised by the speakers.

The program was organized and organized by Jitendra Kumar Mahto, Saroj Prasad Shah, Jagat Lal Mandal and Diwakar Kumar Jha. Shiva Kumar Pal was chaired by the interaction work.