धनुषामा SEE परीक्षा बाहिरबाट कडा र भित्र सेटिंग भएको, कानुमन्त्री यादव स्वयंम अनुगमनमा रहेका छन् ।

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SEE exam has been duly operated properly from all over the country including Dhanusha.

SEE examinations, including Dhanusha, and other areas, which have participated in more than 4 lakh students from all over the country have been operational in different ways. During the examination of the British subjects that were held on Sunday, in different places of Dhanusha, the examination has also been observed in the settings of the employees.

State No Of the 8 districts of the country, according to area and population, the candidates who are participating in the SEE examination have been the highest. Out of Dhanusha, 11,115 candidates have been participating in the SEE examination. Most of the test examination conducted in the district has been conducted by combining the setting inside.

If we were examined from outside the examination center, we were fully examined in the examination examination. At the time of Dhanusha's vowel, the examination was full of dignity in the school. State No According to the internal affairs and legislation of 2, Gyanendra Kumar Yadav, while he was under the supervision, he said that the inspection was monitored more than the examination center.

Similarly, Yadav, who also monitored the examination centers, pointed out the need for improvement. Minister Yadav said that monitoring will be monitored in different examinations across the examination period. The examination was a level of level monitoring to improve the education system of the state.

Minister Yadav thanked Central Pawan Mandal while taking service in the health camp at his health camp while saying that during the examination test, arrangement of sanitary pads for the students including health camps for the examination. The Central Chairman said that the entire system should be maintained for the candidates.