नेपाली सेनाको उदाहरनिय कार्य दलित बस्तिमे जमकर हुवा खुसि

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The Nepali Army has expressed concern over the Dalit settlement by continuing the investment of social sector in Janakpurhham.

Various times, Nepali soldiers, giving their valuable time and labor donation to the Janakpurhamam Sanitation Campaign in different times, did not get the VDC No. of Janakpur Dham Submahanagar. In Dalit settlement in 7, there has also been happiness in the Dalit settlement by constructing a toilet including hand pump (tomorrow) for drinking water.

The inauguration ceremony of the toilet was inaugurated by Gorakhnath, the republic of the Republic of Nepal, Bhola Pandey, the Janakpur sub-municipality. Vice President of 7, Janaki Ram Sah has formally demolished drinking water handpap and toilets.

Regarding the demand of Nepali people to work peacefully from peace security till the time, Ganapati Pandel was encouraged by the Nepalese Army, he said that the Dalit settlement had helped toilets and drinking water to help Dalit settlement. He said that he was excited to destroy the toilets constructed at the cost of 2 lakh 30 thousand and Dalit Dahal at Dalit.

Meanwhile, Ram Sah, who was the vice president in the program, said that the Nepali Army has received its appreciation from this appreciable task. The persons present in the program were enthusiastic when their toilets and drinking water was available at their place.

There was a program attended by the Nepali Army, settlement people and media activists, chaired by Chief Minister Ganpati Bhola Pand of Gorakhnath Gun.