प्रदेश २ मा जन्मिनेबित्तिकै डेढ लाखको बिमा, नागरिकता पाएपछि बैंकबाट झिक्न सकिने

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Janakpurdham feb 3,
The government of the state has begun the insurance of the newborn. All children of eight local level, including Aqua village, Municipality, Sub-metropolitan municipality, Metropolitan Municipality and eight municipalities have begun to become sick after birth. The Chief Minister’s Office has started the life of the infant born in the Terai, ending childbirth from end to end fetus. Chief Minister Lalabu Raut said that ‘Save the daughter, daughter-in-law’ policy and state program, the state started getting insurance in the name of newborn born in Vada, eight local level of eight districts, eight districts of Saptari, Siraha, Dhanunsha, Mahatri, Sarlahi, Bara, Rauthat and Pursa.

“The daughters are not born here, the cows will be killed in the womb,” the Chief Minister said, “We have begun the life of the infant to stop it.” The state government has announced that ‘Save the daughter, daughter-in-law’ policy and program after implementation of the program. Chief Minister Raut said that every child born in the name of each child was paying Rs. 25,000 rupees. She has become a child of infant adult citizenship …