प्रियंका ने वेडिंग लहंगे में लिखवाया निक जोनस का नाम, VIDEO खास हैं प्रियंका का रेड लहंगा. सब्यासाची ने इंस्टा अकाउंट पर शेयर किया मेकिंग वीडियो

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On December 1-2, Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas’s wedding took place in Jodhpur’s luxurious Umaid Bhawan. In Hindu wedding, Priyanka-Nick was wearing Sabyasachi’s outfit. The actress wore the red color of the beautiful red color. This wedding outfit was very special. Learn why

In fact, the name of Nick Jonas was written in this lingam of Priyanka. This is revealed by Lhang’s making video. Sabyasachi has shared the making video of Priyanka’s Red Lehenge on her Instant account.

Actress touched Lahnge on the personal touch. He wrote his partner’s name in Lehnga. Nicholas Jonas was written from the Red Thread in Lehng It was shown in the video that Priyanka’s handy hand is embroidered. This has been done by red crystal threads.

Let me tell you, 110 artisans from Kolkata have worked for this lace. The entire 3720 hours have been completed in making lahnges. While talking about Nick Jonas’s look, he wore cream color silk Sherrovi. She has team up with Shervani from Hand Embroidered Chicken Dupate. Nick even dressed matching turban, golden shoes with Sherwani. …

## दोस्त मीका सिंह की हरकतों पर रोईं राखी सावंत, दुबई जाएंगी हिरासत से छुड़ाने

सिंगर मीका सिंह को दुबई पुलिस ने हिरासत में लिया है. उनपर 17 वर्षीय ब्राजीलियन मॉडल ने यौन शोषण के आरोप लगाए हैं.

Mika Singh is once again involved in controversy. The 17-year-old Brazilian model has accused Singer of sexual abuse. After which the Dubai Police has taken Mika into custody. Knowing about these acts of Mika, Rakhi Sawant is disturbed and they are crying.

Rakhi has shared a video on the InstaAccount account. In which they are saying- “Mica, you do so much laughter, are not you? I am coming now to rescue you. I am looking for Dubai’s visa. “On the Youtube channel, Rakhi speaking on Micah said,” You are my friend, why are you playing with respect. ”

Meanwhile, Rakhi does not forget to bring her 10-year-old Kising Controversy with Micah. She says, “You do not know, this is Dubai Police, not Mumbai Police. 10 years ago when I had complained to the Mumbai Police Then the police could not do anything. But the Dubai Police will not do this The police there is very strong. ”

Rakhi asked Mica, “What is your problem?” Why do you tease the girls of 17 years? Sometimes slapping someone Why do so many people …