महोत्तरीमा यहि बर्षसे राष्ट्रिय परिचयपत्र बितरण होगा।

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Federal government has been distributing national identity cards from Mahatri this year to this year. In the next 2 years, all the citizens of the country have the goal to deliver this facility.
Out of which, government has plans to distribute this identity to 35 lakh citizens of 15 districts, including Mahatri, National Registration and Registration Department.
Chimendra Neupane, director of the department, said that the national identity card will be distributed to 3 lakh 77 thousand 740 persons under the age of 16 years of Mahatri, in the program organized on Friday in the meeting organized by the meeting of the District Coordination Committee in Jheleshwar.
An arrangement will be made to collect details on administration offices as well as to get an identity card by all citizens. Mahatri has 15 local layers. Neupane, who was preparing for collection collection, reached a team of 370 acres in the level, said.
Since the introduction of chip is included in the introduction of 19 types, after taking the identity card, after receiving any other proof of proof, unmarked marks, all information needed by the person is found.