महोत्तरीमा ५ सय कम्बल वितरण, जनता आवास छिटोछरितो बन्न नसकेको मन्त्री यादवको आरोप

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The state government has started distributing relief to poor people who are victims of public housing program, to protect them from cold weather. After the construction of a house blanket, the cooling of the moon under the trumpet has begun to distribute the blanket to the poor and the poor.
Internal Affairs and Law Minister Gyanendra Kumar Yadav has been dispatched to distribute relief to the state government. After the construction of the house, the state government has started distributing relief to the victims as soon as the news has been raised by many people.
On Sunday morning, Minister Yadav Mahavri got to break the blanket to share the blanket. Bhangha Municipality Mayor Sanjeev Kumar Sah had sent him to the house of the victim. Minister Yadav shared 60 victim families blanket of Bhangha, Sitapur, Ramnagaribar, Jamuni and Srinagar. The blanket distribution started two days ago has reached 500 families. The victim has asked the Minister for building a house immediately. Internal Affairs and Law Minister Yadav said that the state government started to distribute Rs 300 million for immediate release and started distributing blankets at the door of the victim. The structure of the Union and the state changed …