विवाहपञ्चमीमा ३ करोड सकियो , तर बाह्रविघा मैदान किन भएन सफाई ?

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Even though the distribution of similarity to the Sitaram Marriage Board was not completed, it has not been able to clean the area of ​​the desert color field of Janakpur. Due to which the historic colorful grounds are the twelfth corpse

There is a wide range of places in Janakpur, including the autonomous autonomous autumn, the meeting of the assembly, the meeting of the assembly. The Janaki Temple and Janakpur sub-continent welcomed and welcomed the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s historic twelfth grounds, and the Janakpur Subcontinent welcomed and celebrated the festival organized at Sitaram Marathapuram Festival on 15th of the last month. Millions of devotees had a tremendous horoscope in the twilight ground.

But even when the solidarity has been made, the waste of plastic, paper paper and the dishes shown by the dashapasav, even though it is still unmatched. When the Sitaram Marriage Board and the Yanki Temple and the Festival of Women’s Festival, the Mela Festivals Festival, the two million rupees and the government of the state government spent more than $ 3 million in Yogi’s lunch and welcome hospitals.

Due to the frustration of groundwater, there has been a problem with ordinary people even to walk and upstairs. Chief Minister of State 2, Laluabu Raut, Minister for Public Representatives, three days in the week to make budget before going to any party or guest in Janakpur. But it has been criticized after the festival closure and the visit of the guest after ignoring waste cleanliness.

Lok Sabha Sah, Mayor of Janakpur Dham Submahanagar, Friday said the sanitation will be given today today in response to why the sanitation of the Bahrabur Maidan was being distributed.