सप्तरी पुगेर मुख्यमन्त्री राउतले भने,-‘छोरी अभिशाप होइन, ईश्वरको बरदान हो’

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Saptari Madhesh Chief Minister Lalabu Raut has said that the gift of the daughter of God was. She said that the time for the daughter-in-law to quit as saying that the government has taken the government to overcome discrimination over the childhood.

Finishing the Panchanya religious and cultural festival organized at Kanpur Shrawanpur Municipality of Kanchanpur on Saturdari Saturday morning, Chief Minister Raut told that the daughter would go ahead and give birth to the name as a son given to her daughter.

She urged her daughter not to shorten her heart and teach her daughter that she was a daughter and not a curse.

Chief Minister Raut said that the daughter will bring forward the education by giving education to the daughter and the daughter will also support the country's development work and the country will move towards a new direction.

Recalling the state government started raising the daughter, daughter-in-law 'campaign, she informed that the government is working to give women 50 percent reservation in the state.