Dr Ck raut सङ्ग किन सरकारले बार्ता गरेनन् ?

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27 december , Kathmandu:

The high-level political dialogue team formed by the government has recommended the government to take action against Dr. Ck Raut, the coordinator of the independent Madhesh alliance.

The political dialogue team formed under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-M) MP Som Prasad Pandey has recommended the government to control the activities of the alliance with Dr. Raut.

The talks team has said that the Madhes Madhes alliance, which is registered with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, is not registered in the unresponsed Nation and People’s Organization (UNPO). As a result of talks with the organization registered in the UNPO, the government has informed the government that a member of the talks team was not negotiated.

But the members of the Talking Team were discussed informally with some leaders of the independent Madhes alliance. The members of the team talked about the talks that were far behind the demands of independent Madhes.

Similarly, the report states that ‘National unity, sovereignty, integration of Nepal, and the activities of the government against the constitution and the state. Talking with the Raut group, the team should not be able to negotiate with that group, but the statement stated in the statement that the activities of the group should be more actively active and actively involved in national integrity, national integrity, protection of sovereignty and maintaining security. ‘

Pekey, coordinator of the Talking Team with the ULakaki news, said, ” C. Raut has made a separate flag of Madhesh. The national cast is also made. As a result, he wrote ‘Madesh is not Nepal’ in Janakpur. So our conclusion is that the CK group is not a political group. ‘

“In the question of Uttarakhai news, coordinator Pandey said,” Goat did not create a separate flag, “he said.” We will not talk to Dr. Raut who talks with Jayakrishna Goat, who is demanding freedom from 2061 years. ” Do not create a separate map too. So, he was talked to his group. ‘

Pandey has claimed that talks with nine central members of the organization of Goat led to bring peace process. According to him, there are only 2 central members with Dev Gite.

The talks team has talked to 23 groups and 3 groups have surrendered.