Dr. Managing Director of Independent Madhes alliance Raut learned that the jailer of Rautahat prison has not been allowed to take treatment.

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Janakpurdham 13 dec.

Dr. Managing Director of Independent Madhes alliance Raut learned that the jailer of Rautahat prison has not been allowed to take treatment.

Dr, who was staying in police custody since September 9, The District Court, Rautahat, ordered that the Supreme Court dismissed the rate of the arrest of Raut’s imprisonment. Dr. 11 mm in both Kidneys of Raut Although the doctor suggested that he should be admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks, he said that the Government of Nepal has been neglected to take immediate treatment.

The coalition has issued a press release – “We want to draw attention to the jail run on 2075 December 20 (6 December 2018) in non-judicial, non-constitutional, non-legal and non-democratic custody for the past 61 days. On October 7, 2018, Regarding the arrest of the four-year-old daughter of Rabat, Dr. Rawat, reached the District Court Rautahat for regular check-on. Neither the court was taken from within the premises.

On the basis of the lawsuit of some supporters outside the court, “Free Madesh Jindabad” slogan, a criminal offense was registered against the state over 4 more (Issue NO 2075-C1-0104), along with Dr. Raut, according to the Criminal Code of Conduct Act, 2074 (1). His attitudes were not proved in the courtesy even in the evidence presented in court. Dr. Four supporters, who were arrested in Rawalpindi with Raut, were released on a regular basis, and sentenced to death, was sent to jail for harassment.
Dr. Naud, who has not been able to take over the past for more than a year. Raut was arrested in Nawawalparasi and Dhanunsha district as well as arrested and arrested him so that Dr Raw could be kept in prison. ”

According to the release of such cases, 11 cases registered against the state’s crime are registered only in 2014, according to the statement. Apart from dozens of times Dr. Dr. Raut said that Raut was arrested. The home of Raut has been kept in Nigrinana for 24 hours in the past three years. I have been accused of being kept an unpredictable prisoner.

Dr. Of the 11 cases raised above the Raut, the judicial court has cleared the case in the case of rape cases. The Supreme Court also did not issue the case on 20th August. According to press release, the statement issued by Dr. Raut, saying that the book, speech, slogan and actions written by Dr. Raut on October 03, have not been made of any kind of rape or injustice, the government of Nepal has made it difficult to live and behave cruelly. The charge has been mentioned in the release.

Due to the continuous suppression of the Government of Nepal and non-judicial custody, Dr. Dr. Raut said that the father of 1,4 and 7 years of age has also made father. Although Ramanohar Yadav, a pro-rumor of Raut, was appealing to the local administration and the police, who had been murdering himself earlier, the human rights activist and Amnesty International etc., he was murdered in police custody of Bardiya district on October 20, according to the press release.

Ram Manohar’s family has not yet received the dead body and the police are not considering registering the complaint for investigating the incident. After the murder of the police, the police has registered many arrests and arrested. Dr. Dal. The spokesman of the Independent Madesh alliance, Abdul Khandara, has been allegedly sent to the jail for torturing Raut.