Nepal scores low in Human Rights as Madheshi Activist Dr CK Raut gets inhuman Treatment in detention

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3 Jan,
The coordinator of AIM Dr Chandra Kant Raut [CK RAUT] was arrested from Gaur on 7th October 2018 , for the 18th time . The court in collusion with racist state is simply adjourning hearings after hearings to keep Dr Raut and his supporters in custody to harass them mentally and physically. Although , Dr Raut has been exonerated from honorable supreme court of Nepal on charges of sedition, the police at the behest of incompetent state are pressing again for the same charge. The recently retired chief justice Om Prakash Mishra had also sought the independence of Judiciary which itself is testimony that courts are being manipulated or dominated by certain section of political leadership. The present Nepali Government has failed on all aspirations of their own people who gave them about two-third majority. The jokes of big-mouthed PM are falling flat and there is growing sense of anger against the Government among Oli’s ardent followers also. Dr CK Raut is pereceived as an anti-national by large jingoistic crowd , the major support base of PM Oli , hence the Nepali Government has used the arrest of Dr Raut to please such idiotic mass.
It should be noted that Ram Manohar Yadav was killed in cutody by the same Nepali Government and his body is still lying at morgue awaiting an investigation even after 4 months. Dr Raut is also being tortured inside custody , he is being kept with criminals of heinous crimes although he is a political prisoner. The way , Dr Raut is being kept with hardcore criminals , AIM feels this could be ploy to get DR Raut attacked by them as had happened in past. The mercury in Kathmandu is falling sharply ,touching 0 degree and Raut has not been given blanket or has not been allowed to receive blanket from family members. Many analyst feels that Dr CK RAUT is being tortured in a planned manner and it could be a larger conspiracy to cause serious damage to his health. The Human Rights watchdogs should rise to the occasion to check reckless behavior of Nepali state.