Ramjanaki is going to attend the wedding ceremony of Tirthalu in Janakpur.

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Ramjanaki is going to attend the wedding ceremony of Tirthalu in Janakpur. Janakpur Tirthalas have been filled in a day before the main ceremony that is being held Wednesday.<br>
The main place to be celebrated, especially the Janaki temple and the large number of pilgrims in the desert area have been fed up. To participate in the wedding, pilgrims have reached Janakpur from different places of India and Nepal.<br>
A day before the wedding ceremony, the vedra has been estimated to be required for more pilgrimage on the main event. This year, Ram Janaki&apos;s marriage has been done by the Janaki Temple, which is estimated to be 1 million pilgrims from Nepal and India on the day of the fifth day.<br>
The pilgrims coming to the wedding are going to Janakpur from Jaileshwar and Dhanusha of Jattooth, Jatahi Naka. In view of the circumcision of the pilgrims, the Janakpur Zonal bus business association has terminated the &apos;Q&apos; buses in the Jaleshwar and Jatahi road section for two days. Manoj Choudhary, president of Janakpur Zonal bus association association, said that the buses were broken due to excessive arc of pilgrims.<br>
According to Choudhary, last year&apos;s …<br>

India&apos;s Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath mounted a flight test for Janakpur. In Ramzani&apos;s wedding, Sarikha has been tested Indian aircraft on Tuesday a day before Janakpur&apos;s arrival.<br>
In the morning, the Indian aircraft, which was flying from Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh, had landed at Janakpur airport at 10:00 am in the airport. Lucknow returned again a few times after the departure of 9 Indian passengers in the Janakpur airport, the BEE 200, has the capacity to carry passengers.<br>
On Wednesday, 10 y 15 will be told that the aircraft will be converted into the Janakpur airport, which is riding yogi. A plan to fly for Lucknow in 5 -45 evening after the Janakpur busiest 6-hour journey to Janakpur.<br>
&quot;The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister of India Aditya Nath is scheduled for a visit to Janakpur,&quot; said Satosh Dhakal, head of Janakpur Airport, told the Nepal Times that he has been testing a plane before a day. The plane has been successful.<br>
According to Dhakal, the crew of a plane carrying three crews along with three crews, tested runs (out of length, length), said Dhaka.<br>