Sad news: death by mother’s mother in Nepal Idol Ravi Obaid

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Sadly the news has come to pass by the news that Nepal has come to be happy with the family idol. The mother of second Nepal Idol Ravi Ode has died due to the incident. In the morning, a 45-year-old, Wisanna Od, who was seriously injured in the car while driving a motorbike, was killed due to the treatment of Sati Zonal Hospital.

Krishna Bodora, the Emergency Ward Incharge of the Seti Zonal Hospital, confirmed that the victim had died after the death of the hospital. Ravi’s birth mother has already passed away. Wisanna Ravi is a step mother. After receiving news about the death of the mother, Ravi has also reached the Seti Zonal Hospital.

There is a lot of sadness on the Sun, which has reached home. In this sad moment, the soul of the dead wishes to have the patience of the Father on the family, including the desire of peace.