This great pair of Madhesh who donated tea and made three million health checkpoints earned

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This small shop, which is situated at the house at Rampur, is located in Radar, vindeshwar Sah is a confused couple. Here, a couple of cholera shops have read the IAC with the eldest son engineer and the younger son.

They have built different monastery buildings not only, but they have bought a land by purchasing the land. Siraha’s husband, who has been selling tea, has donated three million rupees of land to make health checkpoints.

  1. Vindeshwar Sah Kalya of Rampur and his wife Shukuntala donated seven hard land. A well-equipped health checkpoint has been made in the land provided by the confluence couple, local residents have said that the land has provided land to obtain good health facilities at the village.

The health facility is being constructed, which will be operational with the quality of life at the cost of 3 million rupees in the land dumped by the confusion. Of the 19 difficulty landed by tea, donkeys donated 7 pieces.